In my suitcase...

If you're like me, you overpack ALL the time.
And it's not that I lack practice: I've been dating long-distance for almost 3 years now and I'm a pro when it comes to navigating airport terminals and swiftly flying though security. But blame it on the good old FOMO, I always want a gazillion options just in case the opportunity of my life pops up and I don't have the perfect thing to wear. I'm afraid to be overdressed, but I'm scared s***less of being underdressed.
My boyfriend always makes fun of me because I have a piece of outerwear for every shift of 5 degrees of temperature. And here, it goes from -30 Celsius to + 30 Celsius, so that makes a lot of jackets (and, of course,  I need ALL of them).
I have improved a little over time and I found out that what helps the most is knowing what you're going to do during your vacation (didn't work out well for my 2-month trip though).
This weekend, I'm visiting my boyfriend in Boston and I plan to:
1- Go out on a boat
2- Go to a Red Sox game
3- Go to a (fancy but not too much) dinner date
I guess that doesn't leave me much time to do anything else, so I'll refuse any red carpet invitation anyways! I'll be able to bring the tiniest suitcase I have ever packed (yes, I'm also bringing underwear and a toothbrush... and jewelry, and a book, and a camera...)!

1. For a day at the beach: a light drop-waist dress (one of my favorite fall trends, eeek!), a cute flower bikini and, of course, boat shoes (you don't want to fall off the boat).

2. For the baseball game: one last chance to wear your denim cut-offs, a much needed hat (in the bleachers, the sun can be harsh), and, of course, the baseball shirt. Complete the look with white Chuck Taylors!

3. For the date night: while on a date, I like to be sexy and edgy without overdoing it. A nice grungy flower dress with a leather jacket and my favorite Jeffrey Campbell cutout boots make for a perfect outfit (they are sooo comfy). I would bring knee-high socks just in case it's chilly (plus, guys love 'em).

All the details are here!

Where are you headed for the long Labor Day weekend?


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