Back to School, take 2!

I was way too excited to wait any longer to share with you my two next sets of back to school outfits.
The themes (areas of study) I created are really just a way to present fall trends... It just makes it more fun!

Art School Back to School

I would totally sport an outfit like this one if I were starting art school: overalls allow free movements (ok, very cliché I know,  but they prevent plumber's crack by bending over your artwork while wearing low-rise jeans, while high-waisted jeans would probably hurt you in the same position). Also... I am obsessed with Doc Martens. At 27, am I too old for those? I like the flower ones because they give a girly feel to an otherwise bulky, manly look. An Ipod is also essential: you need good music to get inspired! A military jacket is still a must this fall and that Madewell version seems like the best you can get for the price! Details are here.

Law School Back to school

This second outfit is way more ladylike, as I would picture an elegant law school student. Pencil skirts are all over the place this fall and while this Michael Kors one is way over my (broke student) budget I really love the camel leather. I like to add a pop of bright color against neutrals like black and brown and that orange statement necklace does the trick, especially combined to those heels from Zara. I also love the colorblocking on the bag, jacket and crop top...Colorblock on colorblock on colorblock! Why not use a Kate Spade pouch as a pencil case? Maybe because it's 80 bucks but if you can afford Harvard Law School you can probably go for it!

You can find the details here.

I like this too much, I think I will be coming back soon with new ideas for medical school and more!
Are you more like an comfy artist or a fancy jurist?


  1. Now I see why you love your tangerine MK tote so much !

  2. I LOOOVE the law school set and would wear all of it. Your plumber's crack reference has me "cracking" up.


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