The Dress Code Dilemma

Like tons of people, I work in a very corporate environment (I'm a consultant). Like tons of people, I love fashion.

But I'm not exactly on the classical side of the style spectrum... I love bold prints, bright colors, out-of-the-ordinary silhouettes, chunky jewelry and so on. And crazy pants. To reference my friend Stephanie at The Lady Olive, I have to say that in personality tests I score very low on traditionalism (and I know what I'm talking about, I'm an I/O psychology student).

The last few years have been very hard on me fashion-wise... (first world problem, I know).

I'll have to blame this one on the dress code. It's not even official, but it's ruining my fashion life. I like looking sharp and fancy but wearing a dark blazer and the matching pants or skirt every day is killing me. I know, I can wear a printed blouse or fun earrings but it's not enough. Luckily statement necklaces have made their way in our jewelry box in the past few years (+1 for bold people). But now that everyone has them, it's like it cancels and becomes unoriginal.

My other problem is that I look (too) young.

Wait! Don't get me wrong!

I love looking young but I need credibility which is already hard to gain as a young professional. This forces me to dress, again, in a boring way. There are original designer blazers and skirts out there that unfortunately my wallet can't buy. BUT, there is hope! Hope that things are going to change and that people are going to start breaking the rules of corporate fashion.

I have a strategy to gradually break the rules. The trick is to test the limits. Why not start by wearing your traditional black and white oufit BUT with bright shoes? Details here.
Step on the line
It works? You don't get the stink eye? Keep it up! Next time, wear a neon shirt or dress with a dark blazer on top. Details here.

Spice up your office look

Still feel safe? Next step is the printed blazer. Find some good options here.

Cross the line
If you feel like you still have room for improvement you can go with the grand finale: the crazy pants! Only for the boldest (or the laziest).

I still think I will only be satisfied when denim will become acceptable at work...so I can be like them (not):

P.S. Notice that I always put a flat shoes alternative in my outfits. As a tall girl I don't always want to wear heels.

Have fun testing the limits!

Sara xo


  1. LOVE that Intermix top in the first set. It's a challenge to dress "yourself" in a professional setting, but who else are you supposed to dress like?! Great post! :)

  2. Thanks Stephanie! I love that top too but hate the price tag... ;)

  3. I wear a lot of printed/crazy pants for work... the trick I have is to match it with a very simple classic black top tucked in, high heels and a black blazer (straight cut with light shoulder pads... it truly adds class to the style). The hard part is to find printed pants with the right cut to avoid the pajama party look : high waist and not too large at the ankles. Scotch & Soda has very nice ones (a bit expensive, I know...) http://webstore.scotch-soda.com.au/products/list_products/category/25

    Nice blog !

    1. I totally agree, it's important to avoid the pajama party look and to pair crazy pants with black everything is the key! Thanks for stopping by :)

      P.S. love all those silky scotch & soda pants!

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