Because You Asked: Medical School

A friend asked me for a back to school outfit (she goes back to medical school on Monday). I tried to put myself in the shoes of a medical student and that's what came out of my empathy session. As a medical student, unless you are just starting you will probably have to do some work at the hospital. You will want to have an interesting outfit that pops out of your white coat but still looks professional. A knee-length dress with an ethnic print will easily do the trick. I made sure to choose practical jewelry: no dangling bracelets or rings because you need to wash your hands a lot and wear gloves. You don't want a necklace or earrings that are too long or they will get caught in your patients' clothes! Stud earrings and a shorter statement necklace are appropriate, and the infinity scarf serves the same purpose (+ not being cold in the AC). The leather jacket will keep you warm in case you finish late, and the watch is the stethoscope's best friend ;).The cutout ankle boots are a must: the heel is perfect for standing a long time and walking and the cutouts allow your feet to breathe (+ they are awesome boots). Wear them with cute socks for extra style points! Doesn't this outfit scream "but summer is not over yet!"?

medical school for her

Details here.

Guys, I didn't forget about you this time!!
I know bowties are not unanimous among guys but do you really want to catch all you patients' germs with your ties (I'm sure you wash them every week, right?). You also don't want to wear a boring blue shirt: you're already all wearing a white coat, so why not try this colorful tartan shirt instead? You can still wear your good old khakis but with cool shoes at least (and a matching belt! And watch!)! Keep your notes in a leather notebook...you'll get honors (in fashion at least)!
Details are here!

Medical school for him

That's much nicer than scrubs, right?


  1. Great Jeffrey Campbell pick! Can't get enough of his ankle boot!

    -Mary (happilygrey)

    1. Thanks Mary! I know they are amazing... Just got them in black and I want to wear them ALL the time. The perforated one I've seen on your blog is awesome too... too bad it's sold out! Although I couldn't have worn that much here in Canada... ;)


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