Whirlwind Trips: Denver

Lately, I have been taking a lot of short trips around the US. I just came back from two days in Denver followed by two days in Los Angeles. I struggled quite a bit to pack lightly for a cold and a warm city, but I managed to enjoy both trips without that many clothes to choose from.

When you travel, you realize that you truly don't need even half of what you possess. While I spent less than 48 hours in Denver, I managed to squeeze in some time to discover a few eateries-and "drinkeries"!
My choices sometimes depended more on my actual location than on reputation, and Yelp helped me a lot to find good places close by.

First stop: Highlands Cork & Coffee.

Built in 1907, this modest coffee house can be described with one word: cozy. This was perfect for a quick snack and drink after a flight/before a dinner.

While being small in size, they manage to have a few good wines, several different coffees and amazing snacks and bites. They also offer their walls to local artists so they can expose and sell their masterpieces.

Their artichoke dip was truly amazing. It's a perfect place to get some work done.

Or to read a book while enjoying a glass of wine. Fun coincidence: I was reading On The Road by Jack Kerouac, and the main character just happened to arrive in Denver while I was travelling there.

The ambiance in this café is warm and relaxed, they play indie music and even snowboard movies. It set the tone for a chilled trip and reminded me of good ol' Canada.

Second stop: Historians Ale House

So Denver, we have a problem. You're full of microbreweries. You know I love beer, but gluten and my stomach don't get along so much. Luckily, Denver seems to be a place with so many healthy options, I have been able to enjoy a gluten-free beer on a roof-top bar with a (partial) mountain and city view!

I had a hard time getting a good shot of the view, you really need to visit to see it!

This bar has for a mission to recreate the ambiance of the old epic Denver. Their vintage decor (inside) and friendly staff make it a great venue.

It was a little chilly but luckily, I had my American Apparel Circle Scarf.

Third stop: True Food Kitchen

The (part-time) health nut in me literally went crazy on that one. True Food is a restaurant that only serves healthy meals made with organic ingredients. They have a ton of vegan and gluten-free options:

And a beautiful, nature-like decor:

We were in awe when they served us the veggie bowl. Doesn't it make vegetables way more interesting?

We also shared a hummus plate (with a Greek salad on top) and edamame dumplings, yum!


I ordered the chicken curry-amazing. After all this food, I couldn't finish my plate and I was so sad that I couldn't bring the leftovers home (we were leaving in the morning, and so were our hosts).

I really fell in love with Denver, even if I didn't see much of it. The few people I met and the food I ate were enough to convince me. And anyways, I do believe in love at first sight.

Running in Washington Park also helped...

Have you even been to Denver? What are your favorite spots? If you live there, what is it like?

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  1. Just had a chance to read this...lovely travelogue for Denver...their Chamber of Commerce should put you on the payroll : )


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