Warby Parker: Winter collection

I once owned polarized sunglasses and since then, I haven't been able to go back to non-polarized lenses. The only problem with that is that polarized sunglasses are (usually) very expensive so I have been shopping for a very long time to find the perfect pair-with a price that is not over the top. My friend at The Lady Olive recently told me about Warby Parker eyewear. I looked them up and I... celebrated. Finally! A brand that, as they say themselves : "was founded with a rebellious spirit and a lofty objective: to create boutique-quality, classically craftd eyewear at a revolutionary price point". This totally fits my own principles of not paying for a brand but paying for quality. Don't believe me? Check for yourself! All their polarized sunglasses are 95$ and if you want to add prescription lenses, it's 150$! Still cheaper than most, if not all, polarized sunglasses!

I have been obsessing over those Everett sunglasses in Gimley Tortoise for a while...
Anyways, when Brian at Warby Parker asked me to comment on their new eyeglasses winter collection, I got excited! Their new collection reflects the cozy mood I have been in for a while, since I have been lucky enough to have a super-long fall!You can see the whole collection here, but I've identified my two favorites and put some outfits together to go with them. If I needed new eyeglasses, I would definitely drop by their website. You can even order five pairs to try at home for free before you commit! And they are all 95$, including anti-reflective prescription lenses and free shipping (to the US).

My favorite pair is by far Durand. It comes in tortoise as well but this color reminds me of a warm fire place in a wooden cottage. I imagine myself reading a good book and sipping on hot chocolate after a day out in the cold. 
Durand - Warby Parker
Details for this set are here.

I also like very much the Watts model in newsprint grey. They appear as much more urban to me but still have their cozy feel (as you can see, I'm into rounder shapes, but they also have a bunch or square-ish shapes for those who prefer that). I would see myself running errands around the city, looking effortlessly stylish on a cold, windy day. 

Watts - Warby Parker
Details of this set are here.

So what do you think? Are you crazy about their glasses-and their prices, too? Which one is your favorite pair?
Oh, and one last thing: they donate a pair of glasses to someone in need with every pair sold. Another great reason to buy go for Warby Parker!


  1. Great post Sara! I have a pair of Everetts in whisky tortoise and love them. They are classic and go with most outfits! You cannot beat the price for the quality and they donate a pair of glasses for every pair that is purchased which is another great reason to buy!

  2. Stephanie, you chose everett too! We definitely belong in the same family! Can I try them on over Thanksgiving?And you're totally right, they donate a pair. I'll update my post! :)

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