My Favorite Brown Riding Boots

My latest obsession has been riding boots (you can ask my boyfriend, he will testify, I've been looking at them a lot). Of course, they are far from being a new trend but being in the South, I have newly discovered they can deserve much more space in a girl's closet. 
Therefore, I wanted a new pair. A brown pair (my other pair being black). 
I have browsed in a ton of online (and real) stores and I have come up with my top 4 brown riding boots (for every budget, YAY!). The details are here.

Favorite brown riding boots

$: Those cuties can be snagged for only 40$ at Target. Of course, they are not real leather but they are a good choice if you want to update your wardrobe without breaking your piggybank.
$$: Those Michael Kors boots are currently on sale for 199$ at Nordstrom (originally almost 300$). The leather is beautiful and they are perfect for longer, thinner legs with their elastic band in the back. They are actually the ones I bought, being a skinny-calved girl (this is not always a blessing).
$$$: Those Tory Burch are usually over 400$, but they're also on sale for 331$ at Nordstrom right now! I have tried them on and while my wallet did not want to go that far, they felt and looked amazing!
$$$$: Frye. Enough said. If you don't know about this boot company, look at their boots online. They apparently last forever and the leather is gorgeous. But they are 368$... Tip: Open a Macy's card and get a discount...they have Frye boots in-store! 

I'm not used to paying that much for boots, especially since where I'm from, in Quebec, no matter how much you pay they never really last more than 1-2 winters...

Brown riding boots literally go with everything, but lately I have been thinking of them in a "early century" way. Maybe it's because I have been reading Jack Kerouac, thanks to my friend Matt, but I really feel like going on a road trip to the country side in an old Chevy van. Dressed like this:

Fall Road Trip: Riding boots
The details of this look are here.

So what do you think? Are you tired of riding boots or do you think of them as a timeless classic? Are you the kind of person who invests in a good pair of boots that lasts or do you buy cheaper shoes for more frequent wardrobe updates?


  1. Marie-Christine R. LajoieNovember 8, 2013 at 4:18 PM

    Sara, on a des goûts assez similaires. Je voulais acheter les bottes de MK, mais il n'y avait plus ma grandeur (et oui, je les aurais payées plein prix). Je te dirais que ce type de bottes au Qc, tu ne portes pas cela dans la neige. Pour les autres, tu peux les entretenir et elles te durent plusieurs hivers (mes Canadiennes, ça fait leur 5e hiver). Ça vaut donc la peine de payer si ça ne te dérange pas d'en avoir moins ds ta garde-robe.

    1. Tu peux les commander sur le site de Nordstrom, ils livrent au Canada :)
      Tout à fait d'accord, ce ne sont pas des bottes de neige. Mais y'a pas de neige ici ;) J'ai clairement l'intention d'y aller plus pour la qualité que la quantité à l'avenir!

      Merci d'être venue faire un tour :)

    2. Voici le lien: http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/michael-michael-kors-arley-boot/3481889

  2. Great bookt! Love the MKs--I am a skinny calved girl too! I once had to return a pair of Frye boots that would NOT stay on my legs. Goes to show you that expensive does not always mean good!


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