What to Wear: Football Game

It's fall season and it means a ton of different things (apples, Halloween, Thanksgiving, cozy sweaters, winter tires, etc. ). It also means football to some people. I must admit I'm not a huge fan of watching sports (especially on TV/especially hockey). BUT, who doesn't enjoy a nice day out catching the last warm rays, drinking a (couple of) beer(s), eating hot-dogs and enjoying a great atmosphere? While I don't care that much about the issue of the game, I really like sharing a good moment with friends and looking at the field once in a while (when I'm not talking/if I didn't forget my glasses).

A football game is a tricky event to attend fashion-wise, because you will be seen by a lot of people but you don't want to look like you tried too hard. You also want to be comfortable and to stay warm. You won't be moving much and you will be drinking cold drinks so you need to be prepared!

Football Game

All the details for this set are here.

1. You will need to start off with a chunky knit (avoid loose knits, the wind will go through), preferably over a long sleeved t-shirt.
2. Dark jeans will be confortable and you will avoid stains due to too much excitement while holding a hot-dog (please, not skirts or dresses).
3. A scarf is essential as stadiums can get windy. Plus, it adds an element of style!
4. Good sunglasses are essential. Or eyeglasses if you need them. Warby Parker sells polarized prescription lenses for so cheap, there is no excuse!
5. Warm socks in a natural fabric like wool will allow your feet to breathe in the daytime and keep them warm when the temperature drops!
6. A sleeveless vest is a great option. While it keeps you warm and acts as a body windbreaker, you won't feel stuck with your big weater and it's easy to remove when needed.
7. Go for a cute but comfy flat bottie. You can even let your wool socks peek for a true outdoorsy look!
8. Pack some small gloves in your backpack, you won't regret it while holding a cold beer!
9. A headband that covers your ears, instead of a hat, won't mess your hair up and looks cute. My ears tend to hurt with cold wind so it is an essential to pack!
10. Don't be fooled! This is not a scarf. It is a blanket! You can either sit on it to make the bleachers comfier or cover yourself if it gets cold. It can also give you extra cuddle time if you share it with someone you love.
11. This Herschel Supply Co. Packable daypack is insanely practical: if empty, it can be folded in a tiny little pouch!

I know some of these things are incredibly unaffordable, but they represented best my idea of an ideal outfit and surely can be found in more wallet-friendly options.

Are you planning on attending a football game this fall? What do you usually wear or bring when you go to a game? Did I forget anything essential?

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