September Wish List

I woke up this morning and it was 5 degrees (Celsius, of course. It means about 38 degrees Fahrenheit). Brrr! This is so cold compared to the hot, moist couple of days I just spent in Boston last weekend (post to come). I know we're already Thursday so it's already a while ago but...Monday was a holiday so I have an excuse (kind of).

Anyways, the fact that we lost many degrees so quickly makes me happy (I know I'll be crying in January though). But for now, a drop in temperature means I can finally start wearing fall clothes and this is what inspired me for my fall wishlist.

september wishlist
I've been longing for cozy sweaters ever since I started seeing them on Pinterest about a month ago. This one is from Madewell and seems just perfect. That necklace's price is wayyy over the top but this is why it is a wiiiish list. Same for those amazing Jenni Kayne flats. By the way, if you're looking for one type of flats to buy this fall, buy D'Orsay flats (pointy flats that open on the side just like those). I know Chinese Laundry  makes a much cheaper option (thank God!). Well maybe don't buy them if you live in Canada because you will stop wearing them in a week (they're probably not the best shoes to wear with socks).

I have a really big problem with hats. Please don't tell anyone. Every summer (and fall), I buy a hat. I loooove hats and they generally suit me well (I have a small head and it makes it look bigger, I guess). But I end up never wearing my hats (or I force myself to wear them). And then I bring them on vacation and crush them in my luggage and make them impossible to wear. And I repeat. So I told myself I would never buy hats again (except for beanies). But if I were to buy a hat this fall, it would be this Brixton hat. It is perfeclty floppy but not too big and burgundy is my favorite fall color.

The price of this JCrew silk blouse is out of control, but really...What's better than a fun printed collar peeking out of a sweater? Plus, black and white goes with everything and it's printed with little hearts! Awww (I tend to doodle hearts everywhere when I'm on the phone... maybe I could DIY a similar shirt so this shirt is made for me). This Clare Vivier clutch caught my attention a while ago on Happily Grey but the price makes me want to cry. Anyways, there's a cheaper option (but still real leather) at Gap.

I have been obsessing about army green pants lately. I wouldn't dare camo pants (Ok I would dare them, but I don't like the fact that camo came back so quickly, I feel like it was cool when I was 17, 10 years ago already!). So these pants, with black colorblocking, are just the perfect compromise. Sorry for the price again!

I've also been excited to wear plum lipstick. My favorite one is the Rouge Interdit from Givenchy. It is not as dark when you put it on your lips, I promise.

See the full set here.

What's on your wishlist for September?

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  1. Obsessing over all things leather and I love those pants! I found some similar ones at J.Crew that are on my wish list! And, I won't tell anyone about your hat problem.


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