Comme Un Garçon

People hardly believe me when I tell them I used to be a tomboy.

I love ladylike fashion, beauty and make-up, but I also enjoy being able to make my feminity pop-out of a boyish look. I think it's a trend that runs in my family. I love to look at old pics from the late 80's of my mother and her sisters, who ran a clothing store. They sported with great style menswear-inspired outfits (I wish they had kept their stuff!). I agree that this is a trend that is not for everyone (it might be harder to pull off for really short women or women on the curvy side, but fear not, it can be done). It's super simple for medium height to tall women and it's a fun and comfy look that's easy to wear (if you know how).

I literally drool over looks like this:
Inspiration found on Pinterest.

So how one can achieve a "menswear" look without actually looking like a man? BALANCE, people, BA-LAN-CE. 

The key is to not overdo it by putting every "boyfriend" piece of your wardrobe at once. If you choose to wear loose trousers (whether they are pleated or have a loose leg), try to choose a top with a slimmer fit (without being too tight). And the shirt can still be boyish, like an oxford shirt for example. And you can wear a nice simple sweater or blazer on top. If you want to go bold, I would add a large-brimmed hat (my current obsession) or a bowler hat. If you have a total menswear look (top, blazer, hat, pants), I would tone it down with a more feminine ankle boot (like on the top picture) or oxfords with heels. Unless you are really tall!

Menswear look
Details of this look are here
P.S. Those topshop monk shoes are sold out in my size. It makes me wanna cry. But maybe you will be luckier than me!

If you chose to still go with skinny pants (which is what I suggest for shorter or curvier women), for example, then I would totally go with oxfords or, even more fashion-forward, monk shoes (my favorite!). By wearing skinny jeans or a feminine top, you show people that there is a female individual under all the looser clothing!

Menswear #2
Details are here here.

The key is to wear your boyfriend's clothing but to remind people you are a woman with a feminine necklace, bag, lipstick, winged liner, etc. Keeping your hair down will also help balance the look! So what do you think? Will you try menswear this fall? 

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  1. Sara you can so pull this off : )
    I'm too height challenged...but it is a fun look for a change !


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