Drinks After Work or How to Dress for Corporate Fun

I used to live 1 km from my office so this was not a question I thought I would ever need to answer.
It's a new reality I have to face now that I live more than a 30 minutes commute from my office (don't get me started on traffic and road work). Humans are social animals and, even if I live far away I still want to have a social life. A social life that sometimes includes drinks after work! Tomorrow, I will be attending a social event that will allow me to mingle with young professionals like me over a few drinks.

This BIG, multi-faceted question came to my mind last night when I decided I would go:

What to wear at the office and after when you:

1- Don't want to look boring at the cocktail
2- Don't want to look like a party animal at work
3- Don't want to change more than 1 piece of clothing in-between

I created a perfect look that requires to change only your top and will get you going from 9 to 5 to... !!

Disclaimer to anyone from work: No, I won't be out that late, I still work on Friday.
Drinks after work

The key is to wear pants that are good for work but have a little fashion-forward edge, like high-waisted pleated pants (hello, menswear trend!). Instead of regular pumps (which honestly I rarely wear at work, but I know most people do), wear fun cut-out booties that are still suitable for the office but add a wow effect to your outfit. Plus, after 8-9 hours, you might get a little tired to wear heels (I would). A sleeveless blazer will make your office outfit look legit but still allow tickets to the gun show at the cocktail, after you quickly change from a tailored shirt to a fun, sleeveless, (whole)leopard-print  top. Use a cross-body bag that day instead of a large tote that will dig into your shoulder at the bar. Don't forget your pocket mirror and make-up for touch ups (I don't know about you, but after a day of work I look far from fresh and fabulous). Add a statement necklace, grab a drink and be happy!

Details of the outfit are here!

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