Anchored in Cappadocia

My colleague just came back from a trip to Turkey and the Greek Islands... (sounds boring, right?). 

Not to me!
I started dreaming about hot air balloon rides in Cappadocia (Turkey) about a year ago, while looking at THE best travel pictures I had ever seen in my life on Facebook. I had never heard of that destination before and thought the views were completely breathtaking. See for yourself :

Source: 4feet2mouths.com

And then, suddenly, after I decided that this was MY dream destination, everywhere around me, I started hearing people talk about going to or coming back from Cappadocia. At least every month during the last year, I'd hear about someone going there or just coming back from there. I started thinking woah, this is the new destination. My little hipster fiber didn't like that (but I had the idea before them, right?). 

But was this truly THE new popular destination? Probably not. It was just that good old anchoring bias playing a trick on me again.
The anchoring bias is a social psychology phenomenon that causes you to attach more importance and pay more attention to information you processed recently, and react accordingly. In my case, I had probbably heard about Turkey/Cappadocia trips before but didn't really pay attention because I hadn't seen the pictures (pictures have a huge effect on me, I'm totally visual). And ever since I saw those dreamlike pics and got interested in them, I started giving more importance to that destination. And would notice every time someone would mention it (and put a mark on the wall in my brain). 

Anchoring is also the same old trick that makes all of us fashion victims buy overpriced items that are marked down . For example, you enter a store, find a jacket you like and see that it's too expensive. Then you find out it's marked down and buy it, because you attach too much importance to the first price you saw even if in fact, it was way over the top.

Anyways. Cappadocia IS an awesome destination, my colleague just confirmed it. She even recommended a hot air balloon ride company (Rainbow Balloons). They take you in that huge honey-colored field of rocks and get you as close as they can to the caves (not for wimps). They even serve you champagne on the ride. 

Since I haven't visited that place I can't really tell you more about it. All I know is that there was a Greek community there (Cappadocian Greeks) that was relocated to Greece (hello lover!) during the population exchange in the 1920's (see here). I dream about going in the next year. A girl can dream and a little inspiration helps:

Arabian nights

Details are here.

My favorite Disney movie as a child was definitely Aladdin and I think it's a parallel that's easy to make: flying a hot air balloon in Turkey is about as close you can get to being a princess on a flying carpet in Saudi Arabia. Think drinking some bubbles in a luxe setting, everything covered in gold (including your own shoes...those D'orsay flats strangely remind me of the magic lamp). Silky fabrics and luxurious brocade... Tassels, tassels, tassels everywhere (like the flying carpet's little tassel-hands in Aladdin, awwww). Ok, last time I mention Aladdin. Think also luxurious, ethnic-looking products like Guerlain's mythical Kohl. Also think Jules-Vernes-esque cameras or accessories (hot air balloons...zeppelin, same, right?) And, of course, a silk scarf. I bet it can be windy out there and if not, turbans are hot.  Anyways, I am far from looking like Freida Pinto (and I know she's Indian but she's soooo beautiful) so I might be better with my gold locks covered. 

P.S. I know this post is out of season but... If you're like me you have to start saving now for your next summer vacation! Stop buying cozy sweaters and save up!


  1. Aladdin-what a hottie. No surprise we chose these swarthy Greek boys!

  2. I LOVE the word wanderlust and all its connotations.
    Keep interjecting the psychology...its always intriguing to know why we do what we do...if that IS possible : )


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