October Wishlist: Going Grey-zaayyy!

Ok, I could have made a thousand lame puns here, but I didn't (50 shades of grey, grey's anatomy, dorian grey, etc.).  I guess I still needed to show the world I don't live in a cave and yes, I thought of them.
I don't know what is going on lately. I usually only like colors and think black, white or grey are boring. I guess the fashion trends are rubbing off on me, because I have been obsessing over black and white for a while and now, over grey. Some people trying to psychoanalyse me may think that's a sign that I'm depressed, but I think it's the opposite. I think that it actually means that I am genuinely happy and that I don't even need bright colors to cheer me up! Same with songs: I've had periods of my life where I couldn't stand sad songs, and now can't stop listening to them. I guess I know how to be Happily Grey... (if only).
There is something about the grey color that says "cozy". I love that there are so many (50? nope, more!) shades of grey and that there are even more different textures. From felt to suede to boucle and velvet, grey always seems soft and warm and is the perfect choice when temperatures start to drop. Plus, it reminds me of my cat's grey fur (there is NOTHING in the world softer than that. No, don't even try!). My cat's the cuddliest little living thing I've ever known so it adds up to my current love for grey. 
Here is my wishlist, and the details are here.

Fade to Grey

That grey topshop cocoon jacket is incredible. I would spend my whole winter in it if I owned it. A short leather bootie is a must this fall, as is a leather skirt. I already have a pencil skirt (for work), but I think a circle skirt is more fun for going out. I love baseball shirts, and this two-tone wool sweater is a great remix. In case you haven't noticed yet baseball caps are still huge and this fall, you can replace a colorful, printed one by a warmer felt version. Circle scarves are a must and a grey smokey eye, with a statement necklace and stud earrings, complement well an all-grey outfit.
I think the key to a mono(or bi)chromatic look is texture. The less colors you have, the more textures you need to have. Here is my equation. A look must always equal 3. The equation is colors + textures -1. So, if you have 1 color, you must have 3 textures to equal 3.
1 color + 3 textures -1 = 3.
For example, pair a black leather circle skirt with a cozy grey wool sweater!

Ok that whole equation thing is ridiculous, please don't start making calculations with your oufits. Just wear what feels and looks nice... but you get the picture. Don't overdo it with textures and colors and let yourself fade to grey!!!
What do you think? Are you also slowly starting to ditch your brights for darker tones?

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