How to Wear: Pastels for Fall

I was very doubtlful when I first saw pastel was a huge trend this fall. Imagining myself looking like a peppermint bowl against a orange, red and yellow backdrop made me cringe. For me, fall has always been about plaid shirts and dark colors, like burgundy, mustard, hunter green, navy and grey. I must have been brainwashed because I am now starting to like what I see in other blogs and on Pinterest. I still haven't committed to anything yet. I needed to analyze the trend at a deeper level before taking the risk (and I am still skeptical)

But first, here are a few of the pictures that made me (start to) change my mind:


 Found on a swedish blog

 Found on Pinterest, no source.


Ahhh that last look... I could totally see myself wear this!

I think there are a few simple rules to follow while wearing pastels for fall:

1- Don't wear a color that makes you look sick. As much as I liked mint green last spring, I know that if my face is not tan, I just can't walk around wearing that color without looking like a zombie (I think it is almost the case in the second picture). I also noticed that the most popular pastel colors this fall are pink and blue.

2- Stick with 1 or 2 pastels at a time. You don't want to look like you're the easter bunny. Especially in fall... it's very out of place. When I say that, I'm excluding white. You can wear light pink and light blue and add a touch of white or cream, that's fine.

3- Choose your occasion. The pictures above all have another thing in common besides pretty women in pastel. They people are in a neutral or city setting. If you plan on picking apples or hiking in the forest or doing anything that involves pumpkins, autumn leaves and mud, forget about pastels. Plaid is as big as pastels (if not way more), so stick with the classics. You'll never go wrong.

So what do you think? Would you wear pastels for fall? Or would you wait for winter to have a matching environment (at least here in Canada)?


  1. Pastel en automne? Nooo... Peut-être dans une ville où il fait plus chaud, mais pas ici! Des plans pour avoir l'air d'un fantôme parmi toutes les belles couleurs d'automne!

    1. Ah, moi je trouve que ça te ferait bien! Et un fantôme, c'est parfait pour l'halloween :)

  2. I can see you in that last outfit 100%! I am open to the idea of pastels for fall-maybe with boots or a fur vest?

    1. I agree, a fur vest would make the look cozier ;)

  3. When I saw the first photo I thought you cut your hair !!!
    Those pastels look great on you...not on olive me : )

    1. Never! I don't think short hair would look nice on me. And you could be surprised about pastels against olive skin ;)


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