8 Annoying Things People Do on Pinterest

I really like Pinterest.

 It's an endless source of inspiration for anything, and while my wallet disagrees (it does makes me buy a little more), it also helps me reinvent my style with things I already have in my closet. However, I have noticed that some people do not fully understand how to use that awesome inspirational tool. I even created a board to pin all those "annoying" posts. Here is a few of my (least) favorite pins. Of course, I had to repin them so my name sits under, but the words are those of the original pinner. My apologies to those who read this and ever did one of those "mistakes" on Pinterest. Please don't take it personnaly, this is just for humor purposes. Obviously, this is my own opinion and I don't possess the truth about Pinterest. 

1. People who use Pinterest like it's Facebook: 

Ok this one is really obvious. Unless your husband is David Beckham, please don't post a picture of him on Pinterest. Pinterest = Pin + Interest. I would be surprised if random people became so Pinterested in your husband. 

2. People who don't pin in the right category:

(See bottom left pin; this is in the Women's Fashion category). This one is definitely not the worst. It even happened to me a couple of times, but when I noticed, I edited the pin to put it in the right category. It's just really annoying when you're trying to get some fashion inspiration and all you get is Halloween pumpkins and kale salads. 

3. People who pin things they don't really like:

Please. There are more than enough pins on Pinterest for you to pin a pair of black pumps that you actually like. The spikes DEFINE those shoes. If you don't like the essence of a pin, don't repin!

4. People who pin things that are undoubtedly a scam:

Those Ray-Bans are obviously fake. They look like they come from the dollar store. And there are many, many cheap choices that look better. Plus, the link doesn't even work. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is. 

5. People who pin things they don't really agree with:

This is similar to #3 but even more obvious. If you agree with only one word out of three, then you disagree. Don't pollute!

6. People who try to get their boyfriends to propose by Pinterest or leave hints:

Nothing more to say. If you want to show something to someone, send the pin to the person. You can't tag people in pins, it's not Facebook.

7. People who don't know what they're talking about:

This one might surprise a few people. Breaking news! Chambray is not denim! This is the mistake I see the most (mistaking denim for chambray), but I've seen others: Mistaking tortoise for leopard, houndstooth for plaid or even for tweed!

If you want to know more about the difference between plaid and denim, read this:

8. People who are just plain ridiculous:

This one actually regroups 2-3 different Pinterest no-nos! #6, #3 and #5. And also... why? Just...why?

But don't worry. If you have been doing some of those annoying pins, I don't hate you. It actually makes me laugh, so it's positive! I still feel like some advice needs to be shared for proper use of Pinterest (if you don't want to look lame):

1- Pin only what you really like (if you only like the color of the eyeshadow out of the whole look posted, don't pin).
2- Send pins to people if you want to show them something.
3- Don't tell the world about your life on Pinterest. We don't want to know this is your dream bikini for when you finally lose those those lingering 15 pounds. 
4- If you pin in the wrong category, please correct your mistake.
5- Verify your pins. Don't repin links to shady websites or bad pictures. 
6- If you wan't to pin something really ridiculous, you can use a secret board!
7- And again, Pinterest is not Facebook.
8- Nor Twitter.
9- Nor Instagram.
10- Fill free to repin any of my pins!

What do you think? Do you find these things annoying? What do you like about Pinterest? What do you dislike? 


  1. I think I will take some photos of JP and pin them. Haha, that's so weird. I had to help my mom create proper Pinterest board because she was guilty of #2!

    1. Haha who knows, some people might repin! If a bunch of girls started repinning pics of my bf, I'd be worried ;)

  2. I find it annoying when people post things they hate and also verbally tear it apart... they must be miserable....it really brings the whole site down ...its depressing.

    1. I totally agree. It also feels awful when you stumble upon a pin that tears apart something you like... it's like online bullying!

  3. I get annoyed by the super effusive essay long comments like 'I love, love LOVE this style and it would look amazing in my brand spanking new bedroom. Maybe when I get that pay raise I can finally do this...' etc.

    First of all, commenting like that is like talking out loud to yourself. The equivalent in real life would be walking into a furniture shop and declaring within ear shot of all the other customers how a particular bed/wardrobe/rug was the most incredible thing in the world and then going on to divulge details of your personal life to total strangers by hinting at how hard you work because you WILL get that pay raise and your deepest bed/wardrobe/rug fantasies will soon come to life.

    Then there are the comments where people profess their absolute LOVE for something that is to DIE for (like seriously? you would die for a new curio cabinet?) which makes other pinteresters such as myself depressed because as much as I love stuff, I don't want to be reminded of how far the materialistic pretensions of humans where something like a cabinet has become a matter of life and death. War and famine are matters of life or death. A cabinet is not. The only thing that would warrant a comment like that is perhaps a picture of an oxygen or water molecule because yes, those are literally things to die for.

    Then there are those comments where people see it fit to include snippets of their lives. Like 'This is just like when X and I spent our honeymoon in Venice, sipping champagne in a gondola while love poems in latin were sung into our virgin ears' etc.

    By all means write about the most stereotypical of all tourist adventures. You are indeed special like the thousands of others have experienced that before you. And even if it indeed was the most romantic thing in your life, there is something to be said about keeping it private so as to maintain its aura of magic. Intimacy is by definition something special that is shared between two people. Not 6 billion.

    Sorry if this is snarky. I was just on pinterest and got annoyed enough to google 'annoying pinterest comments' to vent. Thank you for this outlet. I feel better.

    1. Hahah I hadn't read this comment. I agree with all of this!!!

  4. I do not understand the social aspect of Pinterest I guess. I took it to be an easy way to capture images from the Internet and put them somewhere where they can be got at later. When I see hundreds of pictures of dresses, or shoes, or table settings, I begin to understand that very many people must be very different from anyone I know. I have asked my daughters to explain this, but all I got was let's say "embarrassed laughter", or was that a "derisive chuckle"?

  5. My most hated comments on Pinterest are anything that starts with "another pinner said..." and "Why have I never thought of this?"


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